I've been going by Parker Hurley for quite awhile but my full name is Parker Hurley-Rioux and it's time I honored where I came from. I'm a professional model, artist, writer, teacher, and student of all things healthy and active.

I grew up in southern New Jersey, home to the largest rodeo on the east coast. Art has always been my passion, which led me to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I received a BFA with a concentration in printmaking along with a minor in acting. I somehow found my way into the world of modeling, walking the runway and being photographed for major brands.

I currently live in Miami Beach teaching yoga, training private clients, modeling, writing, creating, and constantly searching for new and interesting ways to use my body.

I'm here to share my movement journey and empower others to follow their own passion. Check back often for updates! 


Photo credit to Brent Chua.