I'm super excited to share this new product I've been using- PINE POLLEN. It's a natural testosterone supplement that comes from the Pinus Massoniana plant, a pine tree. You can read all about it here. I use it nearly everyday and it's hands down my favorite supplement. Diet, nutrition, and a lot of hard work has taken me from left to right, but if I had to choose ONLY ONE supplement to take, and recommend to clients, it would be PINE POLLEN. 


I've tried a lot of supplements- creatine, beta-alanine, arginine, BCAA's, I even took pro-hormones when I was in college. I actually got to a point where I wouldn't train unless I had my pre-workout beforehand. My movement practice was limited to the gym- pushing and pulling heavy weights with little to no cardio. I look huge, I felt small, and not just on the outside. I was tight, irritable, and I kept putting armor over armor, to achieve this aesthetic that I thought was healthy. But not with herbal supplements....

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Our bodies were not made to ingest these chemicals in the massive doses in which we take them. Our consumer driven society creates cheap products for mass consumption- half the time you don't even know what you are putting in your body. Usually they are advertised by athletes that may not even take those supplements yet we expect to look like them if we take them?

As a model myself, I can't stand behind products I don't believe in. I'm not going to promote products that are full of chemicals that may lead to a slew of problems down the line. And I've stopped taking them myself. And the best part is...

I'm stronger than ever. 

I've "graduated" to herbs. No not weed, but different herbs, found in nature, that provide the body with incredible benefits. I've been taking Pine Pollen for about four months now and the benefits have been bananas. You can read all about it at the link above but again, I want to promote products that I believe in, that I use in my own practice, so I'll share some of the benefits I've experienced first hand:

  • -hormonal support (natural testosterone- I find myself being much more assertive, asking for what I want, saying how I feel, standing up for myself, and generally being more confident, and its safe! STEROIDS? NO! Pine pollen! YES!)

  • -strengthens immune system (mixed with Zinc and a healthy diet, I find myself less prone to sickness)

  • -brain food (increased focus and clarity, especially when I'm training while still staying open to creatively changing up my routine)

  • -liver support and detoxification (Pine Pollen is a natural adaptogen, meaning it pulls all good stuff out of what you put in to your body, and gets rid of the bad) 

  • -healthier skin and hair ( my nails grow like crazy as well)

  • -increases metabolism, energy, vitality, strength, and endurance (think Beast Mode every time you train) 

  • -decreases inflammation(my recovery is faster than ever)

  • increases your sex drive and performance (be careful)

  • resiliency and inspiration (I'm constantly challenging myself with new forms of movement, especially the ones I'm fearful to explore)

Pine pollen has evolved my movement practice into something more than fitness. It's movement for life- a long healthy life free of shortcuts or side effects. I've been using a few other LOST EMPIRE HERBS like Shilajit, Hercules Pre-Workout, and Tongkat Ali, but I'm still experimenting. I'll be posting again soon on their benefits and my experience with said herbs. I take the shilajit every morning before I meditate and I notice myself going deeper, faster. 

I'd recommend all the herbs at LOST EMPIRE HERBS but know that every body is different. Its up to you to experiment and decide what works best for you.