We are flawed.

We aren't superheroes. We aren't fiction. 

We are real. Living. Breathing. Dying. 

The failures will not stop,
nor will the triumphs. 

To engage with both, is to be the hero. 

Acknowledge the flaws, shape them into precious stones of power. The power to choose. To craft weapons that fight fear off from the armory of our hearts, and devise strategies on the mind battlefield. 

Real results. Real consequences. 

To be a hero, is to cultivate your power.

It is your responsibility as a creative creature of this world. 

Harness it. Embrace it. Do as much good as your possibly can, until your last breath, when the memories of a life, never to be lived again, float into the ether. 

When the distractions of the outside world call, know you will answer from time to time. 

When the truth of the internal world calls, know you will answer, more frequently and with great presence. 

The movement will slow, the movement will falter, but the movement, upwards, forwards, over jagged peaks, and through mirror filled labyrinths, that movement... never stops. 

Rest is required. Reflection is encouraged, but beware your sidekicks call to power. 

You are not your body. You are not your mind. 

You are a collaboration of all things, big and small, white and black, rich and poor, and everything in between. 

You are a miracle mound of molecules coming together in such a way, to give a spirit, material form. 

The voice of the universe is a twin to the voice of your own. 

Spoken together, heard together, they have the power to build any and all things.

Life, is yours. 

Trudge towards your truth. Run towards the risk. Hurdle over the doubt. Side step past the haters with a smile on your face and grace in your pocket. Make your way up Mount Must. Keep on moving.