Good morning!

Want sustained energy throughout the day without the crash you get from regular caffeine? Brew a pot of coffee and dump into a blender, if you don’t have a blender you can use a shaker cup. Add one scoop of coconut oil (or grassfed butter), 1 tablespoon of MCT oil, and blend until frothy. I’ve been drinking this stuff for probably three or four years now. I’m still trying to track down the best MCT oil but solo coconut oil works as well. Its delicious. It keeps your regular (number 2). It’s the only supplement I’m currently taking and I love it. 

Ok, that’s my nutrition tip for the day, for now. It’s 8:42AM on a Sunday. I’m usually up before this. Typically I start my day with a cup of coffee, head to the office, and sit down to write what Julia Cameron calls “Morning Pages.” It’s three pages of anything and everything your crazy head needs to get out. You can write or type “I hate morning pages” over and over. The goal is to get your hand moving. Things will come up, things will come out. You’ll notice patterns. You’ll complain about the same issues. You’ll start to make changes in your life to address those issues. The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. Check it out. It changed my life and continues to do so. 

I’ve only got about 15 more minutes to write then I need to hop on my bike and head uptown to teach hot vinyasa. Yesterday, I completed my website! Yes! Feels good. It was easy-ish. No, incorrect. It was EASY. Squarespace is awesome. There are tools to help you everywhere! You just need to look. I think a few of my buddies from Crossfit are coming to take class today. It’s always a treat to have familiar faces in class, especially when they are big muscle dudes, moving their bodies in a specific way for the first time. 

The sun in shining. It’s beautiful outside, although cold as crap. I’m going to do my best not to cuss here. I want to set a good example for whoever is reading. After class, it’s time to start cleaning the other rooms of the apartment. The office looks great. I’ve created an open space to work, which creates more room in my head for my imagination to expand. 

Lots to do this week. Early morning tomorrow with the DMV, then meeting up with Jasper from StrengthChest. He wants to pick my brain about supplements. I’ve got a decent amount of knowledge on them but I think they are bad news. Yeah, you’ll grow a six pack faster than normal, but it won’t be sustainable. I’ve noticed since I’ve stopped taking supplements a plethora of benefits. My body is more resilient- less soreness and I bounce back from hard workouts much quicker. I sleep better. I eat better. I am no longer reliant on anything to push me through a workout. That’s a huge one. I became dependent on supplements to exercise. 

Now, whatever I’m using to get through a workout, comes exclusively from my mind and my body. It’s a great feeling. Even if I don’t look as ripped, I don’t care. I’m healthier than ever before. I’m stronger than ever before. I’m happier than ever before. My wrist injury is still a huge factor in my ability to train the way I want but I don’t let it stop me. I can’t. 

Muay Thai has been a huge challenge for my wrist, and my mind. Holy crap, you want to increase your focus and, in my opinion, your intelligence, go take a martial arts class. You use parts of your brain that may lie dormant otherwise. I come out of every class feeling more alert and perceptive. It’s almost like I have a 6th sense. I find it easier to hold conversations. My imagination is ramped up. My body is loose. And I sing as I ride my bike through the streets of New York City. 

The coffee is starting to kick in. One hour teaching followed by one and a half hours of hot yoga. Then time to clean- all prepping for this trip to Thailand! More details on that to come! 

Have an awesome day! Run, jump, climb, stretch, bend, work, sweat then REST! Because it’s Sunday after all.