Apparently I didn't publish this yesterday....

Monday... You came (and went) too soon. It's one of those mornings where I don't want to go anywhere, especially not at 630AM. But I must. I've got a busy day-private client, hot yoga, DMV, lunch meeting, casting for commercial representation, write 4 pages, then dinner with friends at 7pm. I should be doing commercials... I just hate selling more products that people don't need. That's how the world goes round I suppose, but I'd like to start to change that. I'd like to make and sell products that we need, that give back to the community, the world community. 

Today is one of those days where my Boots of Responsibility come in super handy. I don't want to go train. I don't want to go to the DMV. I don't want to leave my cozy apartment and go out into the confused cold winter/spring air. But I must, and I must remind myself to be grateful for all of it. 

I'm grateful for this onion, lentil omelet I'm shoving in my face. I'm grateful for this cup of delicious energy expanding coffee. I'm grateful for my apartment, my girlfriend, my fingers that type out these words. All of it. I'm living, I'm breathing, I'm moving, and that's all I need to pursue my truth. I'm grateful for my truth as it unfolds itself in front of me.

Last night, when I was laying in bed I was thinking about getting around in New York City. Cabs, Ubers, trains, bicycles, mopeds, razor scooters, pedestrians-- so many different ways to move. And every vehicle has it's own speed and capabilities, and every person controlling those vehicles has their own perspective on how to use it. It's like a giant game of Frogger. As soon as I leave my apartment, I become part of this giant moving piece. Moving from one lane to another, trying not to get run over and trying not to run anyone else over in my urgency to get where I need to go. 

Where I need to be is important to me and only a few other people, if anyone at all. Where you need to be, or he, or she, or that dog over there, is completely unique to that creature. We think the world revolves around us, but we revolve around the world, multiple worlds. Every single creature isn't just a creature, but a whole world of connection. Those worlds splash into each other and that's how you start the change. 

715 AM. Not sure where I was going with that, and that's ok. I still consider these to be Morning Pages. Nothing has to make sense. I'm still a bit groggy, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

I am excited for Thailand. I'm not ready, but I'm excited. I have a ton of work to do before May 1st. I'm not even sure where Nik and I are going yet, or where I am going to train after she leaves. That means to ask for help. An old friend is suggesting I hop around instead of train at one exclusive gym. Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok. That might be the plan. 

Alright, gotta go! Have a great day all!