Man did I have some crazy dreams last night. I was trying to have sex with my girlfriend while zombie/alien hybrids were on the loose. Think Ridley Scott Aliens zombified.... Luckily they were slower. We were in this giant house with tons of bedrooms. I was carrying her everywhere, like she was a doll. It was pitch black, making it more terrifying, but also much easier to have sex anywhere. 

My dreams always come in waves. If I remember one, I can remember them all. Next, I watched this huge bearded monster man go down a sparring line of Muay Thai fighters. Two hits and each person was down, then he was on to the next. I remember feeling like he was going to be my opponent after my Muay Thai training. I was not looking forward to it. 

I'm going to leave out the next one.... For now. 

It's Wednesday. Nik is gone. I have the apartment to myself for a week, which should be both productive and lonely. I have my doctors appointment tonight with the insurance company. As I understand it, he is going to look over my wrist and tell me how completely fine I am. After this is done, we can finally move forward with the lawsuit for all the wages lost from my accident with the cab door. 

My wrist is still all sorts of jacked up. I can feel it as I type right now. Ben, my lawyer, was saying that traveling to Thailand to train sounds incredible but I shouldn't share it with the world. It's been two years... Yes, my wrist still hurts. Yes, I am still incapable of training the same way I used to. Yes, it hurts everyday. But I can't sit around and wallow in self-pity. I MUST push forward with my dreams even if it isn't going to look good in front of a jury. I can't wait for this whole thing to be over. Whatever money comes out of it, is going towards my truth, in turn inspiring others to follow there own. 

So much to do in the next three weeks. It's very overwhelming but it also keeps me moving. Yesterday, I spoke to three people about filming the experience in Thailand. Everyone was excited. I'm still undecided on who to move forward with. I'm meeting up with the Hayes Bros. on Thursday. Out of everyone, they would be my dream choice. They are so flippin' talented- the perfect team, a visionary and an executor. Hopefully my passion can persuade them to jump on board with little or no financial gain. They would get some amazing content though, because I won't stop kicking that bag, or doing those sit-ups until I collapse into a sweaty puddle. 

I'm excited. I'm terrified. I'm excitified... Is that a word? What!? Excitified. The correction software seems to be ok with it. Ah hah, according to urban dictionary it is, and it has the same definition I came up with. See, nothing is original! No thing comes from nothing. Everything comes from somewhere. Steal like an Artist, as Austin Kleon would say. Awesome book. 

I'm excitified for this meeting with Men's Health. I was writing about it last night. I want to go in and talk with them about the book. I want them to get so pumped that they get behind my trip to Thailand, and finance a crew to film the process. It's all connected. It would be a giant Men's Heallth exclusive. Male Model Parker Hurley-Rioux travels to Thailand to dive under the "art of the 8 limbs." 

It looks like Muay Thai is almost 400 years old. Our nation isn't even that old. It definitely seems to be a Rite of Passage for boys in Thailand. A lot of the gyms I researched have more young boys on stay than adult fighters. My wrist is sore, maybe because I'm writing about this... 

It's 9AM now. Putting on my Boots of Responsibility. Make some breakfast. Write until 2PM. I want to get at least 5 pages done today. Social Security Card appointment set up. DMV next Tuesday at 1130. I gotta have all the paperwork ready for that. Lots of exciting things to write about. I was just distracted by Instagram. Gotta stay away from that thing for the morning. Much love to everyone out their following their truth, and extra love to those still trying to find it.