8 Limbs

Today was a great day. I accomplished everything I set out to do and check it out, I'm making time for writing. In between cooking dinner, watching a martial movie, and lubricating all my aching joints with tiger balm. Be careful about your groin though. ;) 

I can't remember the last time I was this sore. Elbows, knees, shoulders, ankles, everything is sore... But loose. I feel limber. My body is acquiescing to these new forms of movement with a cringing smile. Class was awesome today. I'm becoming part of a community. Monica, Anthony, Daniel, John, Sandra, Elliot- all of these human beings that come together to run a business and create a space that seems to welcome all kinds.

I trained with a guy named Daniel today. Every class has been the same so far, in terms of format. 5 minutes of skipping rope. Go heavy, go light. Your choice. 15 minutes of warm up and stretches. Today Sherman whooped our butts with lightning speed counts and a 100 jumping jack finisher. Next is combinations with a partner. First with a thick rectangular pad for kicks. Then we move to Thai pads that can be used to call for, and block, just about anything. 

One of the highlights of training has been connecting with my partners. Everyone has been completely different, from why they are there, to their conditioning, skill level, confidence, sense of humor. We are all different, and we all require different ways of learning. I think I've found my confidence as a teacher of yoga, but I'm a plebe here at Coban's gym. It's been really humbling and fun to form connections with people, even if it's only in the way that we sync our bodies, and minds, together for 45 minutes. 

It's a very intimate, vulnerable, conversation unfolding without words.