Curly hair and eye liner.

I typically try to stay away from Social Media in the morning, at least before I've written. I broke my rule and just watched a video of Prince joining Michel Jackson and James Brown on stage via my social feed. We are losing so many creative revolutionaries this year. First Bowie, now Prince. 

I grew up in a rural farm town in Southern New Jersey so Michael Jackson was extent of knowledge I had on a culture outside of white farmers.. Thriller was on repeat all the time. I assumed there was no one else that could even come close to his level of talent, and no one ever told me otherwise. 

The first time I saw Prince, I was probably just becoming a teenager.  I wasn't sure if he was a man or a woman, I couldn't tell if he was black or white, and his outfits reminded me of Michael Jackson but way more elaborate and colorful. I was scared of him, because I was attracted to him. I remember watching a video... I can't remember the song, but he is dancing with a beautiful young girl, seducing her by looking at her, signing to her. My hormones were raging at the time so young girls were cat nip but I couldn't take my eyes off Prince. 

I remember being entranced by all of him. His confidence, in the way that he moved and his style. It was royal- like watching a bird of paradise run through it's entire repertoire in one song. I believe the reason artists like Prince and Bowie became creative revolutionaries is because they owned who they were. The followed their truth. I don't know Prince's story, but I remember wearing eyeliner and coloring my curly hair in high school and being cast out. I wish I had've known that I have the control over my perspective. Prince put on that makeup, those clothes, sang in those high notes, and said "I'm a fucking star."

Honor your individuality. 

Who cares if the world is on board or not. The more you believe in yourself, the more people will rally behind you. Confidence mixed with humility equals gold. Confidence doesn't mean you're above asking for help. Owning up to what you don't know,and believing in what you do will set you up to learn, and grow, and continue to cultivate that power that is unique to you. 

I was searching for a sexy photo of Prince on Instagram and snagged this one. Then I noticed the caption below from the woman that pinned it. 

I believe he qualifies as "strange weirdness" because he's so unbelievably nightmarish in so many ways.

Well thats one perspective. To me... he looks like a beautiful human male, emphasizing his masculinity with a hint of embracing his feminine side. I imagine lots of women, and men, having sexual dreams about Prince and being very excited about it. Same with Bowie. And to remove the sexual aspect, I imagine one could learn a shit load from Prince- about self-empowerment, following your passion, and reveling in your individuality.

I think we are about to see an influx of popularity with Prince. Unfortunately, I think with great success, comes a constant griping to hang on. There is no end destination on your climb of Mount Must. The end of your journey stops at the end of your life. The artists of our time rise so high that I imagine its a challenge to hang on, from bloody fingers tips that have been worn down over a non-stop career in the spotlight. Maybe Prince had completed what he was put here to do, only he can answer that. I hope he rests in peace knowing he changed the world. Thanks for giving me permission to explore my own style through my younger years, and creating some incredible music that will last forever. RIP brother.