Almost time to leave for Thailand. My body is... being tested, and it's just the beginning. My conditioning is getting better everyday but I still have a long way to go. Kicks are exhausting. My right hand bothers me, pretty much in every way I use it. It's sore when I wake up in the morning and sore when I go to bed. My right foot has also been acting strange. The outer edge of the foot hurts occasionally. I feel like I'm using muscles in my feet I've never used before, which is probably true.

I've got a super busy day today. Casting with a social media company, I think. I hope. Evoke Productions. They are based in Illinois, if it's the company I think it is. It's the only place I could find. Time for some breakfast. 

Morning flew by. Time to run all over the city. I leave you, whoever you are, wherever you may be, with one of Coban's fights.