We talk too much

Think about it...

How often do you speak out of impulse and wish you had've given yourself more time to think about what you wanted to say? And not only what you wanted to say, but why, and how you wanted to deliver it-the emotion and purpose behind the words. 

And let me be clear, these are just my opinions. I don't want to write "I think that..." or "I believe that..." before every declarative statement I make. 

As a massive advocate of movement, and movement leading to action... sometimes the best action is silence... 


Getting back to movement...

I just finished a two hour class at Budokon with a young teacher named Jose. The first hour was handstand work- different entrances and exits, body and core control, all set with repetitions to condition the body. I barely held a handstand the entire hour, which was ok with me, because I knew I was working my body in ways I never had, all specific to building a badass handstand. 

The second hour was yoga- but Budokon yoga, so a ton of shapes I have never made before. It was equally humbling and challenging. Warrior One to Coling Dragon.... Never heard of it? Yeah, neither had I. Cameron Shayne is a master innovator. 

The last fifteen minutes of class were held in half-pigeon and supine twist. Five minutes for half-pigeon on each side, followed by supine twist with extended arms and legs, basically crossing your body reaching opposite arm away from opposite leg. Both can be very deep, emotion-releasing stretches if you give over to it. 

After class, Jose challenged us to hold off on speaking for as long as possible- bringing the silence we found in those last restorative postures out with us into the world. 

Now, that I think about it- I am breaking the rule by typing up this blog post but there are no rules. I get to make them, you get to make them. And one of the many "internal forms of movement" I want to practice on a weekly basis is-


And not only verbal silence, but digital silence as well. 

Sunday is a designated day of rest-which is a challenge for me. Not moving for such a long time, was not an option. It kept me sane. But now, as I redefine 'movement' on my own terms, I see the value in letting the body be still. Restoration- when all the moving parts inside are resetting themselves in preparation for the work to come. 

So now, after my Sunday Q+A, I'm going to be silent for the rest of the day/evening. No social media, no emails, ideally no texts, just silence. An opportunity to reflect on the week, reflect on the words, and let the imagination play. I'm even going to stay away from any music with lyrics.

The next step will be a vipassana, or silent meditation, for a few days but I'll save that for later in the year. A good reminder is..

Progress, not perfection.

Perfection don't exist yo. 

It will be a fun challenge to see how I communicate without words. During my travels abroad, the most influential, memorable, and educational exchanges I had were word free. When you don't speak the language, you are forced to be creative. Hand signals, body language, a big fat smile- these are your tools. If you are in a relationship, or live with your family, it will be a fun experiment to go about your day in silence, being around others without words. 

Dedicating a day, or even half a day to verbal silence will force you to find new ways to utilize your time and sharpen your creativity.

I'm going to start my practice on Sunday after Q+A on instalive and facebook(please join, 12PM EST). I suppose after I post this I will have broken my vow of silence for the day, but I'm ok with that.

Much love to you all and remember...

Keep going!

Don't look back.