Eating Animals

This is inspired by something I saw on Nick Onken's wall....

Last night, John Brancy's parents took us out for dinner at Texas De Brazil. It's a Brazilian steakhouse where they basically carry around massive Flintstone sized pieces of meat.

Filet mignon wrapped in bacon, top sirloin, honestly it all kinda blended together into a big wall of flesh. I wasn't interested, and I've been a carnivore my entire life.

All four of us ate the salad bar, for half the price. John and I decided we are going to treat ourselves to it once a week. Salmon and shrimp (which is most likely factory farmed but progress is better than perfection), a ton of roasted veggies, cheese, salad, basically everything you could want from a high end salad bar. They even sneak bacon in there so you can get your fix if you really need it. I was more than happy with all the non-meat options.

The entire evening, our waitress was trying to push meat on us- she kept making jokes about it. I understand they want to make money, and we went to a steak house for dinner, but it only solidified the FACT that we eat way too much meat here in America. Like way too much, and nearly all of it comes from factory farms.

I'm a firm believer in doing what makes you feel good, living a life and making choices that resonate with you. At the same time, I believe we are massively uneducated on where our meat comes from. If you want to educate yourself, do some research for yourself right now. Google it. Information is everywhere. I'm currently reading and enjoying Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

I've been eating wild caught fish and vegetables exclusively for the past 2 months, and I feel great. I don't have any specific plans for a next step ie: vegetarian, then to vegan. I believe there are arguments for both sides. Wild animals kill wild animals after all, and we may not be "wild" but we are definitely animals. It's also expensive af to be a vegetarian that occasionally likes to eat out, which seems ass-backwards to me. The fact that flesh is cheaper than organic vegetables still hurts my brain.

Energetically, emotionally, and spiritually, Im enjoying this journey of what goes into my body, and where it comes from. I wanted to share my experience and hope you all have a great weekend.

Something to think about.