Outline work for Stage One of the The Human Hero Movement....

Stage One

The Wasteland


Stage Description- 

The Wasteland is where most humans live, comfortable and content to just get by. The human’s eyed are veiled to their superpower, the unique expression of self that is meant to be explored and shared with the world. Blinders placed on by society, or parents, or teachers, or friends, or partners… all manifestations of ZERO. Both well and ill intentioned ideas of who one should be, the job one should have, the relationship one should be in, projected onto one from another who ultimately doesn’t know what is best for the human, because they are a different person. Some are unaware they are living a half-life, others stay here by choice because it is easy. No risks, rewards are small. Its the rat race, the hamster wheel, the I am this, I am that. This is where ZERO lives and where he aims to keep the human. 


Sample writing-

I’m excited to tell you this… you are not perfect.  You were born with flaws and limitations. There will always be someone more talented than you, more beautiful than you, more dedicated than you. Even if you practice, and practice, and practice (and you should) you will never be the best. And even on, that one magical day, when some person of authority who holds just as much value as you,  designated by some other person of authority, finally hands you the prestigious title of #1…. Someone else, someone younger, faster, stronger, smarter, will come and take the it from you without thinking twice. 


I remember when I was about 12 years old— there was this video online, even before youtube, where Cookie Monster was singing a song titled “The Internet is for Porn.” That’s basically all he said, over and over. The Internet is for Porn, The internet is for PORN. I believed him. I was hooked. 




-A False Life

-Super-Zero Culture(Wasteland manifestations in the world) 

-Against the Grain 

-Perfection Does Not Exist 

-Media Monster

-Cookies and Porn 

-Super-Hero Culture 




Tether- The Dependent

Any relationship that does not challenge the human, promote growth, cultivate his/her gifts, and push them towards their potential, and/or is necessary for feelings of self-worth and validation. The human could be tethered to a job, a person, an idea of themselves, a false belief placed on them, a conditioned story- this it the first and nastiest Tether- the false belief that the human is not capable of achieving their dreams unless validated by an outside source. 


Challenge- Morning Rituals

1) Body- Hold yourself up in upper push-up plank 

(movement first thing everyday-beginnings of a movement practice) 

2) Mind- Make your bed first thing every morning

(Starting the day off with a sense of accomplishment)

3) Spirit-Create a mantra 

(power of words and Hero-Talk)


Reward- Boots of Responsibility

Partnered with a mantra, the human laces up their Boots of Responsibility every morning. The physical act of lacing up the Boots pulls the human into the present moment, a habit that can be applied to any situation as a reminder that the human can handle whatever life throws at them. 



Visual Description- 

The Wasteland is the outermost piece of the map, furtherest away from the center of the mandala. Humans are contained in comfortable orbs that roll along the dusty ground.  It is a post-apocalyptic desert that is ruled by SuperZero, a global fear that looms over all, hidden in pain sight through the media, the food we eat, the products we buy, the people we idolize. The color scheme is grey, beige, the colors of hard cracked clay and dry dirt. It’s what the world will become if we continue to ignore our impact on it.