Build it. 6/16/18

Good morning from home. 

It's starting to feel like home. 

I'm starting to feel like home. 

That's progress. 

It's Monday. New week. New challenges. New opportunities. Lots to do but please don't forget to be... kind, present, strong, light-hearted, soft, expansive...

I trade the pen for a set of keys and things get fuzzy. The concert last night has my head still spinning- full of hard truths and a beauty that pushes through them all. Gratitude is to be found in the ups and the downs. 

Rebel she said. Rebel. What does that mean to you? Build a home within yourself. When the big bad Zero knocks down the external, you'll always have your foundation. You'll pick up what you want to carry, you'll leave what you don't, and you'll rebuild elsewhere. Somewhere better. Somewhere brighter. Somewhere free. 

I keep jumping back and forth between 'I' and 'you' because sometimes this feels like my voice, and other times it comes from a voice deep inside that we often hide. That universal voice we share. 

So much to do. So much to acquire. So much to love. So much to hold. 

Too much to do. Too much to acquire. Too much to love. Too much to hold. 

You're thinking too much. Just let it go. Let the past go. Let the people go. Let the present be what, and when, and where, and who, and how you are, NOW. 

Today is fortifying HQ...

For the friends that will need to rest and recover.

For the family that will encourage and empower. 

For the storms that will question the questioner. 

For your own mental health and wellbeing.

This is your home. It doesn't require anyone else. It's not dictated or decided on by anyone other than you. You deserve to have a home. You are worthy of a home. You belong to yourself. You belong to God. Build it and she will come.