Back In Black

A month off of social media has been a beautiful thing.

I feel lighter, more creative, and I produced a ton of work. The relationships that truly matter have strengthened, and the relationships that were inauthentic have been put to rest. Time was spent with beautiful, powerful people and places.

I also finally had some space to look at my relationship with myself. Was I being authentic or not? I had gotten so caught up in the race for likes and love that I had lost sight of the part of myself I enjoyed the most.

I created. I created. I created. I’m creating and it feels great. Especially considering I give a bit less a f*ck what other people think. That’s a big win for me.

Below are some thoughts I wrote prior to what I wrote above.

Disrupt and Stay Woke ya’ll.

During my subway ride to work I counted 8 people - 8 human beings with their neck’s craned forward, backs rounded, shoulders hunched up high, all eyes on their phones. The awareness corrected my posture as I sat up straighter. Their were only 10 people on the train.

Same thing on the elevator ride up, everyone on their phones.

When was the last time you stepped away from your phone? Is it next to you right now?

Mine was. Now it’s hidden in my bag.

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Do you need your phone to work? Can you work on your computer, or tablet, or anything else where you are able to sit up straight?

Or maybe you’re just on your phone because you’re bored?

I get it. We are ALL in a codependent relationship with our phone. And doesn’t it fucking suck when you drop it and it cracks…. Grrr.

Equally, doesn’t it FEEL incredible when your phone belly flops on the cement and its ok. A wave of relief washes over you and you thank the digital gods for their mercy.

Or that shit breaks, or you lose it…… What then. What then. That first thought, that initial mental state is so unpredictable. Rage. Sadness. Worry. Annoyance.

It’s still just a ‘thing.’

One that has way more control over us, the collective us, than we know. Too personal? Don’t believe me? I bet you just wondered where your phone was if it wasn’t sitting in front of you already.

We are in a relationship with our devices, specifically our phones, even more specifically, social media platforms. Earlier, I wrote that human’s are in codependent relationships with their phones but that’s only half true. Our phones are smart, maybe too smart, but they don’t need us.

They are, technically speaking, just expensive, intricate but inorganic, pieces of plastic.

Not only are we fed to believe that we neeeeed our phones. We are also fed to believe that our phones need us. They don’t need us, not really. Yet they chirp, they ding, they call to us constantly. FOMO is real, my dog has it.

The point I’m trying to make is keep your head, and your heart, up! Use the tool, don’t let the tool use you. Check the news, listen to dope music and podcasts, look at art, read more of my blog posts, do what you need to do…. and then put this thing away.

If you’re outside, appreciate the sun. If it’s raining, appreciate the rain. If you’re around people, appreciate them. Us. If you’re alone, appreciate your self.

Keep Moving Human Heroes