The experience of “Human-Hero” meteorically altered the course of my sense of equilibrium and equality and hurtled me towards an identity that helps me take on the world in new, movement-filled ways.

Chris Clermont


Chris Clermont

"That’s what freedom of movement or anything otherwise should be, right? An awe-inspiring escape and exploration from life’s shit happenings, accelerations, and expectations of others as much as personal satisfaction and divine enlightenment. The momentum of any continuous movement, low or high-intensity, has the possibility to be profoundly meditative. Two years ago, I didn't feel much like a superhero when someone else had to help me walk across a room. Then again, I was one of those guys whose belief and ability never extended outside a physical gym. Fast-forward to 2017, I am getting an interactive assessment, a fresh perspective and forward-moving actions based on what is best for me and my structured progression. It’s less about building a person around a standard set of workouts and more about letting the person’s movement determine the course of the workouts. And as a bonus, I got to see more of the city and culture of Miami than any static gym would ever provide.... 
...Ultimately, he taught me how to play the role of a form-fitting hero. If Parker Hurley can drive a human-led transformation of an able-bodied, black, gay, millennial man wearing his lurid spandex-clad diversity on the outside into a human-hero, imagine what he can do for humanity. To still a culture and realign our stance downward into one single, simple, child-like pose. There’s a lot to be gained from people and places that have human-hero levels of inclusion to match their human-hero levels of movements —the kind that flows and extends beyond the big-budget, protein shaking, work out saviors that rule the land of vanity. An extension of our mindset, motion, and emotion are critical. Even if initially, those limitations mean you can’t bend down or extend a hand much further than your ego or inner circle. The good news: There’s always hope for tomorrow.
Those of us, that move with Parker, are continually influenced by his transformative experience. I think no matter our identity or position, we are all left reassured about our place in the world. We’re our own character – thriving in the legacy of others – with our own wants, needs, dreams, and superpowers. There are more of us. I would say Parker Hurley is my superhero. However, he’s led me to realize that in the end, I’m my human-hero."

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Lyuba Petrova
Opera Singer

First of all I have to say Parker Hurley managed to change the way I feel about physical activity all together! And that is a huge achievement on it's own. I've been avoiding working out most of my life. Did not like it, did not find it interesting, would always get bored after a short while...
Well, my sessions with Parker were always fun, invigorating, exhausting and most satisfying! No matter where they took place - at the gym or on the beach, no matter if it was kickboxing, conditioning, weights or yoga - I'd always sweat like hell and feel absolutely fantastic afterwards! It has been almost two months since I left Miami and unfortunately I do not have a luxury of training with Parker anymore but I am proud to report that I've been working out on my own and most importantly - I am still craving it and enjoying it very much.
So if you guys are in the same city with this wonderful trainer do not hesitate for a second - seize this opportunity and start changing your life for the best! I am so happy I did. Thank you, Parker!

Stefan Mreczko

Parker is a great fitness coach. He's personable, knowledgable and incredibly inspirational. Whether you've been training for years and want to switch up your routine, or you're just beginning your fitness journey and want someone to help you get started, Parker is a great resource. He utilizes a mixture of strength training and high-intensity exercises to both build up your muscles and help improve your cardiovascular output. Trust me when I say this: training with Parker is not easy.
You will run, you will push, you will pull, you will sweat. You will work harder than you ever thought you could. And Parker will be there to support you along the way.
If you're visiting Miami and want a solid hour of outdoor training, definitely work with Parker. Your body will thank you.


Michael Corvin
Digital Publisher

Training with Parker was an immensely rewarding & motivating experience, both remotely, during one-on-one sessions & in group classes. Our first discussion together really helped me establish & focus fully on a movement routine that would work for my life. He helped me reexamine the amount of time I was spending at the gym & how to better fit it into my life.

Additionally, he pushed me to try out other forms of movement & now yoga is an essential part of my work. Being able to train at a gym under his guidance was even more fulfilling. Yet again I found myself modifying, adding to & changing up my routine in accordance to what was passed on to me by him. I was also lucky enough to participate in a movement class lead by him incorporating the techniques he’s learned as a student of Budokon University.

Parker brings with him an unparalleled sense of joy & openness for the work that he does & knowledge he passes on. His passion & motivation are infectious, allowing you as the student to really believe anything is possible.